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Treatment for Stomach Migraines

By: Jody Ehrhardt - Updated: 20 Jun 2015 | comments*Discuss
Stomach Migraine Cyclical Nausea

The term stomach migraine is used to describe the cyclical nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain experienced by an individual with this condition. Stomach migraine, or cyclic vomiting, is a condition that results in repeated periods of intense illness (where the patient experiences nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and sometimes sensitivity to light and sound) followed by periods of normal health. Treatment for this condition is aimed at reducing the episodes of vomiting and reducing the severity of the accompanying symptoms.

Common Treatment to Control or Eliminate Stomach Migraines

The most common form of stomach migraine treatment is aimed at stopping the cycle of vomiting. Medications such as propanol, amitriptylene, and L-carnitine have all proven to be fairly effective at reducing the number of episodes experienced by the patient. These medications are most effective when taken daily, but some doctors do prescribe their use on an as needed basis. In this case, individuals would begin taking the medications as soon as they feel an episode of vomiting coming on.

In some cases doctors prefer to treat the intense nausea that comes on prior to an episode of stomach migraine. By treating the nausea they can sometimes eliminate the vomiting and stop the cycle before it starts. A preferred medication for this type of treatment is Zofran, a medication that is usually used to treat the nausea experienced by chemotherapy patients.

Treating the Symptoms of Stomach Migraines

Aside from treating the main symptom of stomach migraines, many doctors also choose to treat and control the accompanying symptoms. Many individuals who suffer from stomach migraines also experience stress, anxiety, and severe abdominal pain during an episode.

The most common treatment for stomach migraine induced stress or anxiety is the prescribing of an anti-anxiety medication such as lorazepam or xanax. These medications can reduce feelings of nervousness and worry and sometimes work to eliminate the episode of vomiting that follows.

For severe abdominal pain patients can take an over-the-counter pain medication that contains ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen. These medications should be taken according to the dosage instructions on the bottle and must be taken before vomiting begins to be most effective.

Non-Medical Treatment Options

Currently, a cure is not available to end all the symptoms of stomach migraines once they begin. If you are suffering from an episode of cyclic vomiting your best course of action is to drink plenty of clear liquids to reduce dehydration, get plenty of rest, and try to relax in a dark, quiet room until the symptoms pass.

Between episodes there are also a few non-medical steps that you can take to reduce the occurrence of stomach migraines. First, attempt to reduce the stress in your daily life. Many studies have linked periods of high stress to the occurrence of stomach migraines. Schedule activities far apart to allow for breaks and avoid situations that cause anxiety or worry. You can further reduce stress by enjoying thirty minutes of daily exercise and making time for daily quite relaxation or meditation.

The second thing you can do to cope with a stomach migraine is to join a support group. These meetings can offer support, stress-relief, and answers for sufferers of this condition.

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I was diagnosed about 5 yrs ago with CVS/abdominal migraines. I was put on amitriptylene to take every night, and it almost instantly ended all the episodes, until I got pregnant a couple years later. I was sick all 9 months and eating zofran multiple times a week. my daughter is almost 2, and recently I've seen that pregnant women who took zofran have had babies born with medical abnormalities. I was lucky that my daughter was born healthy! since I had her, I haven't had any problems with my stomach till about 3 months ago. they started again out of the blue. I have been again treating the symptoms with zofran, which helps, but usually I am nauseous thru out the day and can't eat much. I ran out of my zofran the other day, and when I was really sick my boyfriend gave me a 1 mg Xanax and told me to try it and see if it helps. within about 15 minutes I felt better then I have for a few months. my appt with my dr isn't for another month, but I was reading that many people have found relief with medications like Xanax and lorazepam. I hope this is something my dr is willing to help me with. because i haven't had many days where I didn't feel sick at all, and could eat normally, until I took that Xanax.
jamielynn20 - 20-Jun-15 @ 5:31 PM
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