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Natural Remedies for Heartburn and Indigestion

By: Jody Ehrhardt - Updated: 26 Dec 2012 | comments*Discuss
Heartburn Indigestion Symptoms Of

The symptoms of heartburn and indigestion can be very uncomfortable. Abdominal pain burning sensations, and the feeling of tightness in the chest can make normal routines hard to accomplish. For most individuals, the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion occur after meals and can take hours to resolve. However, with a few natural remedies on hand you can quickly be on your way to a heartburn free life.

Natural Remedies for Heartburn and Indigestion

Although many prescription medications and over-the-counter medications are taken each day for the prevention or treatment of heartburn and indigestion many individuals prefer to seek out natural remedies for the reduction of their symptoms. Aside from the lack of harmful side effects, and the lower costs, natural remedies are also easier on your body and more environmentally friendly.

If natural remedies for heartburn or indigestion are what you are searching the answer can be as close as your refrigerator or pantry. Simple kitchen staples, such as vinegar and mustard, can be used to treat the most bothersome symptoms of heartburn and indigestion. To find quick relief from the burning and pain caused by these conditions simply swallow one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar or prepared yellow mustard the moment you feel symptoms occurring.

To stop heartburn and indigestion the minute they start you can also try drinking a mixture of water and baking soda, eating a food known for neutralising stomach acid (such as apples, white potatoes, or carrots), consuming five to ten unsalted, raw almonds, or sucking on a peppermint candy. Each of these natural remedies works to neutralise excess stomach acid and relieve the pain of heartburn and indigestion.

If you would rather try to control your heartburn symptoms before they start you can also try chewing on raw ginger (or take prepared ginger tablets), drinking a few ounces of Aloe Vera juice, consuming a handful of raisins before ingesting foods that usually trigger indigestion symptoms. For the best results you should also use these remedies after the completion of the meal.

Diet Changes that can Help Alleviate Heartburn and Indigestion

If you are looking to treat your heartburn symptoms the natural way you can take your treatment plan a step further by changing your current diet habits. The consumption of spicy foods, carbonated beverages, alcohol, and some vegetables can lead to the development of these conditions. Start by eliminating these known trigger foods from your diet. If you find relief you may want to eliminate these items from your diet permanently, or at least restrict their consumption.

However, because certain foods, such as tomatoes, do not affect every individual in the same way, the best way to tailor your diet for heartburn symptom reduction is to spend a few weeks tracking your diet and condition. For two weeks keep a journal of everything you eat and all of your indigestion and heartburn symptoms. Then, review your entries to determine which foods are more likely to result in symptoms. Slowly eliminate these foods, one at a time, from your diet in order to see which ones offer the most relief.

Other Tips for Reducing Heartburn and Indigestion

Once you have changed your diet and stocked up on your favourite natural remedies you may still occasionally suffer from symptoms. After all, no matter how hard we try it is impossible to avoid every cause of heartburn 100% of the time. For those days when you need a little extra heartburn relief you can try the following tips-

  • Avoid lying down after a meal. Reclining after a meal can allow acid and food particles from your stomach to travel back up through your oesophagus. Stay upright for at least two hours after each meal to help ward of heartburn symptoms.
  • Sleep in an elevated position. Sleeping with your upper body slightly elevated can help eliminate the presence of acid in your oesophagus. Try sleeping on a wedge pillow or raising the head of your bed six to eight inches with sturdy wooden blocks.
  • Eliminate bad habits. Smoking, leading a sedentary lifestyle, eating too quickly, and skimping on your daily water intake can all lead to increased heartburn symptoms. Stop smoking, start getting thirty minutes of exercise each day, chew your food thoroughly, and drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day.
  • Try some aromatherapy. Stress can lead to increased indigestion so relaxation should be a key part of your treatment plan. Essential oils such as peppermint, coriander, marjoram, and fennel can be diffused throughout your home or mixed with olive oil and applied to your abdomen for quick stress and heartburn relief.
Heartburn and indigestion can be very uncomfortable conditions to live with. Fortunately, a little preplanning and some simple natural remedies can stop their symptoms and allow you to enjoy your day.

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I was suffering with really bad integestion and came across your site which suggested distilled white vinegar, I was feeling so horrid I thought ok why not! And I must say it worked a treat and is much cheaper than over the counter stuff. Thank you
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